What is Nuaval

NUAVAL is an Intelligent Paperless Validation Platform developed for use on Capital Projects in the Life Science Markets.

 Designed by Thought Leaders and Experts in the area of capital project delivery, NUAVAL doesn’t just enable the digitalisation of documents, but also it enables the digitalisation and automation of the processes required for the successful implementation of capital projects globally.



Benefits of Using NUAVAL

Nuaval Validation Software

Digitise and manage any validation, commissioning or qualification process.

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Features & Functions

The Structure

NUAVAL is a modular electronic platform where customers can pick and choose the modules that best suit their needs. When complete there will be over 20 individual modules with specific functionality all of which will support the three main modules:

  • Automated Document Generation
  • Paperless Test Execution
  • Automated Document Review and Approval
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